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Here I am!

Hi, my name is Maela and E-BIKES have changed my life!


In everyday life they allow me to hardly ever use the car. When doing physical activity the e-bike helps me to reach goals that would have been impossible without it. 

If you wish, I can also be your guide! I know every corner of this magnificent territory ...


I will amaze you with its history, its architecture, and its nature.

I will take you to the restaurants that the local people prefer and I will make you feel part of us!

I have obtained the 1st Level Technical E-Bike Guide certificate (Registration No. 8111120) at the SIEB (Italian E-Bike School) and I am ready to make you fall in love with my region!


When I go on vacation I can no longer do without the e-bike, it is a simple, fast, and comfortable way to better visit the places that I don't know, to independently explore every new area and immerse myself in nature,  E-Bikes are the best way to do it!

This is what I would like to convey to all those who come to BIKE LIFE, with the rental of e-bikes we give you a way to experience the most incredible corners of Romagna with our e-bikes and in complete safety.



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